Rojuro Otoribashi { Vaizard / Shinigami }

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 Rojuro Otoribashi { Vaizard / Shinigami }

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Title : The Orchestra's Heart
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Rojuro Otoribashi { Vaizard / Shinigami }  Empty
PostSubject: Rojuro Otoribashi { Vaizard / Shinigami }    Rojuro Otoribashi { Vaizard / Shinigami }  EmptyTue Oct 30, 2012 2:29 pm

Name: Rojuro Otoribasi
Nickname: Rose
Age: 433
Gender: Male
Weapon(s): N/A
Squad: 3
Rank: Captain
Rose is quite the foppish man, having a rather elegant speech pattern and a advanced choice of words, an example being a normal person would go "My friend got killed yesterday", Rose would say "My colleague was the victim of an brutal murder on the 24th", some people like it, some don't, Rose however also has another trait, The ability to just not care, Rose really does just like to not give a "fuck", he finds it makes life so much easier. In battle, many opponents have noticed Rose's love for music, Rose is quite the fan of Music, nothing in particular, except rap, he despises rap, one day rose could be listening to "I believe in a thing called love", the next he could be listening to "Fur Elise".

Physical Appearance:
Rose's body is what some females/homosexuals may call "Attractive", he is well built, weighing in at 190lbs, his muscular definition doesn't show through his clothes, in fact, it barely shows on his bare skin, however if you were to strip him of his skin and look at the muscles them selves you would find them quite well maintained, Rose's skin is a pale skin tone, not looking like a demon of the night but also not looking like whatever this thing is... Rose's attire is quite basic, just a frilly white dress shirt, a dress coat, black as the devils heart and dress pants to match the loafers on his feet.
Rose was a third division captain roughly one hundred years ago, he was good friends with his soon to be vaizard colleagues, each of them being captains of their respective divisions, he bonded especially well with Love Aikawa, the two of them would often ge together and just speak to each other about what was ever on their mind, he did it a lot in the future and still does it to this very day. When Kensei went missing, he along with Shinji, Hiyori, Love and others were dispatched to go and find Kensei, when they arrived they were ambushed by Mashiro and Kensei.

Kensei and Mashiro had hollowfied, becoming so strong that the squad was forced into submission as they were attacked by Tousen, who was ordered to by Aizen sosuke, they were transported by a forbidden Kido to the 12th Division Barracks where Urahara investigated Rose and the other's, he tried to use the Hogyokou but it failed and turned them into something different, Rose and the others were scheduled for execution however Yoruichi rescued them and took them to the human world where they would fix the hollowfication and become the first vaizards.

Sometime later Ichigo arrived to the Vaizards asking for their help to control his hollow, after going through rigorous training and such, they discovered his potential and trained him until his hollow skills exceeded their's as he was able to cero with such power and speed that not even Shinji or Lisa could avoid it or even block it. Sometime later once the war on the Espada started Rose and the others bided their time, observing to see what would happen, when the war on Harribel, Starkk, Baraggan and Aizen, Rose fought Starkk along side Love, until Starkk was slaughtered by Kyoraku. After Ichigo defeated Aizen, Rose, along with the other Vaizards returned to soul society and became captains of their old divisions.

Name: Kinshara
Zanpakutō spirit:
Kinshara is a humanoid figure, with no features what so ever, Kinshara is roughly 7 foot tall and extremely thin, Kinshara also is covered in an orange light, like Kinshara was radioactive, Kinshara lets out piano notes from it's body to communicate to Rose, Rose can only understand due to his advanced musical knowledge.
Sealed form:
Kinshara's sealed form is just a simple black bladed katana with a yellow hilt, with a unique diamond pattern on it.

Inner World Appearance:
Rojuro's inner world is just a black box, he and kinshara stand on a black box, surrounded by white.

Shikai description:
Rojuro's shikai is similar to that of Renji's, his blade turns into an golden whip with an golden rose on the end of it.
Call out phrase: Play, Kinshara
Ability: Rojuro has complete control of it, he can stop it mid air even if it had enough momentum to slay another captain, he can also extend and retract the whip (to a certain extent obviously)
Techniques: Kinshara Sokyoku Dai Juchiban
Kinshara Sokyoku Dai Juchiban is a rather simple technique, Rose puts his finger tip on the edge of the hilt, he then taps it, once he does this a sonic wave emits from his flower tip which can only be heard by everyone hit by the cone of sound.


Bankai name: Kinshara's Hymn
Bankai description: Rojuro's blade transforms into a 2ft , golden shiv.
Ability: Rojuro's shiv emit sound waves in the shape of a cut (refer to getsuga tenshou) every time they slash.
Techniques: Kinshara's Orchestra
Rojuro preforms a few slashes in the air and creates a spiral of sound waves, these sound waves collide, then enlarge, causing them to continually rotate, they then form a miniature hurricane, this hurricane is 3ft wide and 10ft tall and it can travel at 100 mph, if it's touched, it will cause a large amount of deep cuts within a second, once it makes a cut on you, it makes you hear an incredibly unbearable screech, that can cause ears to bleed and even deafen
Inner Hollow

Name of inner hollow: Oruroj Ihasbiroto
Oruoj is quite the grumpy person, hating everything and everyone, especially music, he is relatable to a grumpy, cynical old man, there' snot much more to say about Oruoj except he loves solitude.
Appearance: Oruoj is a rather large white bird. The type of bird is debatable but it's most commonly reffered to as a Hawk.
Hollow mask: The mask of Ururoj is just a simple hawk mask with the beak sticking out, a lot like a medieval medicine doctor.

RP Sample:
Rojuro Otoribashi { Vaizard / Shinigami }  Rose_aka_Rojuro_Otoribashi_by_isilthefairy

"Well, that's quite a bit of tom-fuckery"

I was strolling through the town of Kakura, I'd been one of the 2 captains sent to patrol Kakura town, we didn't want anything to happen like the fake kakura incident, as I was patrolling the streets it felt like the dusk was consuming the night sky, it was roughly 11pm, it was usually a bit lighter than this but with global warming and all of that who knows what the enviroment's going to be like.
A store with the name "Kinkakuku's Muiscal Shop", it seemed like the kind of shop I'd love, so I simply wondered in, looking around, the man at the counter's name badge was just a plain "Kuku", I gave him a little smile as I continued to browse the store, looking at some rare guitar models, some of these thins I didn't even know you could still find, I placed my hand in my pocket and felt a large amount of money, giving me a few ideas, however I then saw it, the holy grail of guitars, Jimi Hendrix's first guitar, how this man got it I don't know but I whipped out some yen and bought the bad boy.

As I left the shop, I looked into the night sky quite happily, noticing the stars had finally revealed them selves, I had also managed to get a good deal, I got a guitar case to go with the guitar, so it was merely hanging over my back, as I continued to stroll through the streets many thoughts came into my skull and many left however there was one thought that strapped it's self unto my membrane, and that was "It's rather quiet tonight" usually hollows were out and about the town, causing a ruckus and keeping me busy instead of letting my self into some weirdo's musical shop, now that I think about it, even more, the night really has been quiet hasn't it, I mean not even a single person was out, hell I haven't even ran into the other captain like I usually d--- oh god no. THE OTHER CAPTAIN! We were meant to meet up by a drink shop a block behind me, but It doesn't seem like he's come, something must be wrong, I then started to shunpo at extremely speeds, a car was about to hit me but I merely leaped over it, continuing to shunpo through out the city, attempting to find the other captain, after searching the whole city I couldn't even find a hint of the other captain, however I remained calm and kept patrolling the city, he may have gone inside a shop like I did, so I just kept on moving, hoping that I'd meet with the captain, then as the thought passed through my head, I heard a loud screech from my rear, an pack of adjuchas' were there, 7 of them to be precise, I drew my zanpakuto as I readied my self to fight.

As I drew my zanpakuto one of the adjuchas leapt at me with this look on his face, like he really wanted some blood, as if he was starved for the last year or so, however I didn't let this interfere with the battle, this adjuchas was like a panther but covered in bone, so I merely parried the pounce with my zanpakuto, I then proceeded to push him above my head with the blunt side of my zanpakuto I then put my katana in an upright position then pushing it upwards into the adjuchas' abdomen, tearing through the muscle rather quickly, and avoiding the bones, then impaling what felt to be it's heart, then I raised my foot upwards, pushing the adjuchas off of my zanpakuto, the blood of the adjuchas (which was a abstract shade of florescent pink) merely slid off of my blade like some sort of gel, I then placed my right foot forward, making my shoulders more broad, keeping my zanpakuto pointing to the sky, readying my self from the next attack, the remaining adjuchas were a gorilla thing, a giraffe thing, a spider thing, a wolf thing, a zebra thing and a bird thing. Then suddenly the giraffe, spider and zebra thing all started to run at me as the gorilla, owl and wolf watched, they seemed to be the leaders of the group. As the adjuchas ran towards me I looked at them with a stone cold face, ready to mow them all down.

I then made one swipe with my zanpakuto, which didn't hit a single adjuchas however it gave me momentum, so I swang my body around alongside the blade this time and kept repeating it, the adjuchas were wary of me and huddled up into some sort of defensive formation however I stopped the silly slashing and activated my shikai, only muttering the phrase I have to use to summon it, I then dashed at all three of them, wrapping them into one bundle of adjuchas with my whip shikai, I then sang the words "Kinshara Sokyoku Dai Juchiban" then suddenly a loud screech infected the ears of the 3 adjuchas, they felt the mighty force of my shikai, they then started to get squashed, they then exploded as they were pressured onto each other by the superior force of my shikai. The last 3 adjuchas all came at me but I didn't care, I knew I could take them, so with one flick of my wrist the whip slashed through all 3 of the adjuchas, blood was everywhere, but not a single stain on me, I merely walked away after that, as I ran into Love, the other captain, I told him it was time to go back and we left.
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Title : The Orchestra's Heart
Posts : 8
Soul Cash : 2557

Rojuro Otoribashi { Vaizard / Shinigami }  Empty
PostSubject: Re: Rojuro Otoribashi { Vaizard / Shinigami }    Rojuro Otoribashi { Vaizard / Shinigami }  EmptyFri Nov 02, 2012 8:28 am

I'm hoping for ADV-0
Rank/level - TBD
Hankou - TBD
Reiryoku - TBD
Hakudo - TBD
Seijuu - TBD
Bukijuu - TBD
Hoho - TBD
Points awarded: 0
Total points: TBD
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Kizomaru Hotaru
Kizomaru Hotaru

Title : The Shadow Mistress~
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Character sheet

Rojuro Otoribashi { Vaizard / Shinigami }  Empty
PostSubject: Re: Rojuro Otoribashi { Vaizard / Shinigami }    Rojuro Otoribashi { Vaizard / Shinigami }  EmptyFri Nov 02, 2012 10:30 am

Given the amount of errors in your sample I cannot give you anything above an ADP which isn't enough for a captain, sorry. But you could always try again some time down the road if you like ^.^ And make a different character for now.

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Rojuro Otoribashi { Vaizard / Shinigami }  Empty
PostSubject: Re: Rojuro Otoribashi { Vaizard / Shinigami }    Rojuro Otoribashi { Vaizard / Shinigami }  Empty

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Rojuro Otoribashi { Vaizard / Shinigami }
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