Chiara V Astianatte ~ Shinigami {Finished}

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 Chiara V Astianatte ~ Shinigami {Finished}

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Chiara V Astianatte ~ Shinigami {Finished} Empty
PostSubject: Chiara V Astianatte ~ Shinigami {Finished}   Chiara V Astianatte ~ Shinigami {Finished} EmptyMon Nov 19, 2012 11:39 pm

Chiara V Astianatte ~ Shinigami {Finished} Normal10

Chiara V Astianatte
21 / 735


A weapon Chiara uses quite often is the blade hidden in the base of her boots, which is retractable. It is released with just the right amount of pressure on her heels and retracted the same way.
She also has two small blades, the size of her hand span, strapped to each side of her thighs under her skirt for convenient usage.

“Strange how you always remember the pain someone gave you, but seldom the hurt you caused them.”

Chiara thinks of others. She doesn’t show it but she cares for those around her. She chooses her words carefully, being careful not to hurt that person with the words she wants to deliver. She tries to express her opinion in a way it won’t offend the other person. Also, Chiara doesn’t like to force her own opinion on other people as she believes everyone has a right their own opinion on everything, as it seemed everyone have a different way of seeing the world anyway. When someone starts complaining to her about all the wrong this someone did to her, she would just smile sadly and ask, “Have you done no wrong yourself?”. Most of the time, she would watch quietly as that person would turn red and get speechless, opening and closing their mouth like a goldfish, not knowing what to say. Then they would mutter some lame excuse and scurry away like a frightened mouse. She didn’t ask them the question to make them feel uncomfortable, but to make them see both sides, however it doesn’t always turn out the way she hopes.

“Sometimes things have to go wrong in order to go right.”

Chiara doesn’t believe in coincidences. She doesn’t believe in luck, nor chance. However she does believe in destiny. She believes everyone is here to achieve a goal of their own. So when things go wrong in her plans, she doesn’t get dejected and give it up but welcome it with open arms even if it would only hurt her. Every time something would go wrong, she would repeat it to herself over and over again.

“There are always three sides to every memory… yours, theirs, and the truth, which lies somewhere in between the two.”

Chiara values honesty. Therefore she always speaks of the truth. This is difficult for her since she tries to not offend the other person with her own direction of thoughts on a matter. Therefore, she normally keeps the thoughts to herself and doesn’t say a thing since she refuses to tell a lie. However, if someone asks for her opinion, she’ll give it, direct and straight forward, even when she knows it will hurt and offend you. If you ask for it, she won’t hide anything and will give you everything so think about it before you ask her what she thinks when she’s keeping quiet.

“Don’t be cocky, ‘Pride cometh before the fall’.”

Chiara is extremely modest. She doesn’t like to receive compliments and doesn’t know what to do with herself when she does. She tries her best with everything but keeps it quiet. She doesn’t make it a secret but she doesn’t boast about it or even talk about it either, so there’s a lot of things people would discover of her after they got closer and started spending more time together. She doesn’t do things to get noticed but just because she like doing it. Because of her shyness, she doesn’t like to show people what she can do and even when she does, she blushes doing so. She can’t take a compliment and denies it straight away. Some people get annoyed with her for doing so since she doesn’t accept anything that’s good about herself.

“Lack of loyalty is one of the major causes of failure in every walk of life.”

Chiara is loyal to those who ask for it. She will never betray them unless they do so first. She will give her life for those who has her loyalty and she won’t think twice about her decision as she gives her life to save one of others, even if it’s a stranger. If someone directly asks her for help, for her to save them, she won’t deny them. Ever. She’ll jump in line of fire and accept it without any regrets.

“I just want revenge. Is that so wrong?”

Chiara believes those who do wrong must be punished, especially those who seem to not think anything of their wrongdoings. If you apologize and she can see you’re genuinely sorry for your actions, she’ll forgive you straight away. However, if she sees that your apologies are half hearted, you’re put straight into her bad books and she’ll never forget it. If she has to, she’ll follow you to the end of the two worlds just to get her revenge. Chiara won’t take any mercy on those who were given a chance to apologize and only just choose to do so at the last minute will make her even madder. She believes that those who apologize at the very last minute never mean what they say. All they want to do is say they’re sorry without meaning it so they would be able to make her calmer, not realizing it would make her even more out of control.

“Intentions don’t matter. It’s the end we’re all judged by. Evil in the name of good is still evil.”

Chiara will hate a person if they intend to harm her family. Even when the person had no intention of that ever happening, if it has hurt the family member, she will not forgive them, unless the person that was harmed to so themselves. She believes that people’s intentions aren’t everything, but what they make of it. So even if it wasn’t in your intention to hurt someone dear to Chiara, if you end up doing so, that’s what she’ll see and that’s what she’ll believe. Therefore even if she knows you had a good intention behind your actions, you’ll be someone she sees as someone who could do harm. She’ll always be wary of you and watch your actions like a hawk, flinching at even the smallest of your actions, expecting harm. You’ll have to prove yourself to her in order to gain back the trust she had in you.

“Just remember, anger is always your enemy. You must keep your emotions in check. The moment you lose control of them, you lose the fight every time."

Chiara isn’t a person who easily shows her emotions to other people. She believes her emotions can be used against her and therefore, keeps up her emotionless demeanour with most people. She hides how she is truly feeling. She doesn’t look into people’s eyes either unless she’s facing an opponent because she is quite insightful and can guess what and how people are feeling. Since she doesn’t show much of her own emotion, she thinks it’s unfair to look into another person’s eyes to see their own. Therefore she always keeps her eyes covered , either in the shadows of her hoodies or with her fringe, and avoids eye-contact. Some people finds this frustrating as they talk with people looking at them and into their eyes.

“You will fail and I’ll dance on your grave.”

Chiara can be very pessimistic. If she thinks something just won’t do, it just won’t do. She will not think positively about it like everyone tells her to and keep thinking pessimistically. However, even with her thoughts down in the dumps, she’ll still try, though the results are never good because of her negative thoughts. She won’t have much enthusiasm for what they’re doing until she sees that they might have a slight chance. Even when she sees that, she will try harder, but she still won’t hope for anything. She believes false hope kills a person faster than a murderer on a killing spree and won’t let herself have any hope in her heart. She just walks forward through every single day, embracing what comes her way and not wishing for anything better.

“If you or one of the blind fools who follows you honestly believe you can… bring it on. I’m in the mood for Slaughter. Killing and Murder, too.”

Chiara hates… absolutely loathes the people who follow other people. She believes they deserve no respect from anyone, especially from themselves. She believes people should stand up for what they want and believe, not what the person they’re afraid of does. She dislikes those who has no will of their own but follow people around like mindless zombies. This is the only case she would judge a person by a glance since she sees that those followers are copying their leader and they don’t have a personality of their own. Yes, maybe they don’t like it, but then why follow? Why not be an individual? She doesn’t understand why someone couldn’t stand up for their own self rather than join a group to avoid confrontation. She believes if they didn’t want to be treated like a slave, they should not act like one and treats them with a harsh attitude.

Overview of Chiara’s Personality
Chiara is a shy girl however, she speaks the truth always. She is not the type to lie, even for a friend and she won’t value you as a friend any longer if you ask her to lie for you. She’s a pretty nice girl who is friendly to everyone, even strangers. She’s considerate of others and will always think of their feelings and how they would react to her own thoughts. She likes to make friends though she barely let anyone see her real feelings. She’s loyal to all those who ask for her loyalty and she likes nothing more than to help people out.

Some of Chiara’s interests are playing the violin and the bass guitar. She can play a handful of instruments since her learning abilities are quite quick compared to others. Also, she has almost photographic memory, able to memorize every little detail. She learns the basics of each instruments very fast and with her determination, she practices every morning and every night to polish up her skills. She also likes to take part in sports. Her favourite at the moment is a Korean martial art called Tae Kwon Do. She’s very good at everything she does because of her strong will power and sheer determination.

Even if she seems mature, Chiara has a massive sweet tooth and can’t seem cope without having at least one lollipop a day. Without her daily dose of sugar, she’ll become short-tempered and lose hold of her calm demeanour quite easily and won’t be able to control her mouth. However, as soon as she has a candy in her mouth, she’ll go back to the calm, composed girl she is like nothing strange has happened just 5 seconds ago, leaving everyone open-mouthed and staring.

Because of her shyness and non-talkativeness, Chiara is seen cold by some people around her. However, she’s a girl who won’t judge, who won’t talk behind your back, and someone who is ready to give her life for you. A very loyal and understanding friend whom you would be lucky to have. She can guess how you’re feeling easily, since she’s so perceptive, as she observes you quietly and without you knowing. If she sees you’re sad, she’ll even crack a joke, even if it feels awkward since it’s so out of her usual character. However she will try her best to make those people around her happy even if the only way to do so will make herself look silly.

Physical Appearance:
Head Shot:
Chiara has a lean figure with no fat anywhere on her body, however, she is not overly skinny at all. Her posture is always straight and she never slumps her shoulders. She also keeps her nails tidy but long, and painted black with a white cross on all her fingernails. On her thumbs, instead of the white cross painted on the black nail polish, there are red ones on each thumbs. Her thick, black eyelashes, framing her eyes, are mistaken to be make up, however, she never uses makeup apart from her lipgloss which she still rarely uses. She wears plain black hoodies with the hood always drawn up in public, burying her face deep into the shadows. Underneath, she wears a black denim skirt with plain black tights. Her normal choice of footwear is a pair of high top black converse. She also has on a pair of blue and white Dre-Beats earphones on, almost always, plugged into her iPod, which she had made especially by a Fourth Division member to work in the Soul Society.

Her hair color is glistening silver and is extremely straight and long, reaching down past her waist and to her mid-thighs. Her long fringe cuts across her face, completely covering the right side of her face including her right eye. The fringe ends just below her lip. A reason for this is because people do not like to accept things that are different and her eye color, it is quite different. Her left eye color is a washed out turquoise color with light blue around the edges while her right eye, which she keeps covered at all times, is scorching scarlet in color. This eye enables her to be able to read the aura of people. Also when she is about to lose hold of things such as her emotions, and her thoughts, or she is using her power, her odd right eye glows bright red, leaving a trail after her movements.

Chiara was born during the 14th century, in a small house in a large mansion people had rarely seen in those days. Her parents were extremely rich, with her father being the owner of the biggest Italian Merchant ship business, his ships transporting the trade goods from China.

Her life was pretty normal to start off with. She was a little girl, eyes filled with joy and love for her parents, for the world, for everything and her heart bubbling with laughter and wonder. Her parents taught her how to read and write English when she was two and when she was three years old, she was able to converse with people. Her two sparkling blue eyes had drawn everyone in, and she had accepted them with laughter, her face never ceasing to smile. She was happy and she wanted nothing more than the smiles on everyone’s faces.

However, on the fateful day that was her birthday… everything changed for the bright little girl who was only filled with bright smiles for everyone.

First Encounter:


Second Encounter:

In Rukongai
The days went by as a blur for about a year. And one day, Chiara started smiling again. She had gained a friend who didn’t judge her because of her looks in the "Realm of the Dead", she called it. She started to laugh again. To smile and to enjoy little things. Every single day, she would be outside, playing with her friend, Will.

The young lady who went for days without showing any emotion at the age of nine was now smiling again. She was happy and finally had someone who could make her smile again. Chiara thought she had been given a second chance to be with someone who had made her happy. She would’ve never guessed the tables would turn with just mere curiosity.

Third Encounter:

The next few centuries were a blur for Chiara. People came and went from the Academy and eventually, so did she. Having been the quiet type, she had been recruited into the Second Division, third seat, which was evidently also Yui's previously held position.

With only Shikai at the precise moment, Chiara trained herself as hard as she could, pushing her body, and mind past the limit. There were times she had passed out in midst of it all, and times she just drained out all her energy, however still conscious. Within the Second Division, she had met people she value, people she trust, people she respect. One could describe those couple of centuries as 'peaceful', but Chiara would call it anything but. It was obviously the calm that happened before a storm.

After around 400 years with no progress from her Shikai, Chiara had decided it was enough. She didn't want to waste her time anymore. Will was gone, and so was her parents. Accepting that fact, and accepting Yui, Chiara had trained for around another five decades using Jinzen. It was so she could be comfortable with Yui, to be one with her and not have to concentrate so much to get in contact with her Zanpakuto spirit. After she was satisfied with the outcome of that training, she worked up to getting a Bankai.


Inner world appearance:
Chiara's inner world is a forest, engulfed in darkness and thick fog. A full moon is always hanging above the horizon and Yui awaits her beneath the single lamplight.

Inner World:


Yui Kisho
Zanpakutō spirit:
Yui is 168cm tall and weighs 104lbs. She has straight jet black hair which comes down to her calves with 2 purple streaks on the right side of her face. She ties her hair into a ponytail with a black ribbon which she keeps tied around her waist during battle. Her eyes are violet with a hint of turquoise which flashes when she's amused.

She dresses in a black lace up strapless tank top with white frilly skirt which reaches mid-thigh. The skirt has a lace up part at the right side just like her top. Also you can’t forget her black kick-ass boots. However this one is a lace up one, not a buckle up one which reaches her thighs. As well as all this she is wearing a black ribbon and a white ribbon around her neck like a little choker. These ribbons have small crosses hanging at both ends. Her makeup is just like any other Goths. With her pasty white complexion, she wears blue or purple eye shadow with heavy mascara around her eyes. She also wears black or pink lip-gloss, depending on the color of her clothes most times. She has the same type of earrings on except there are silver crosses at the end of the droplets on both sides not just the left sides.

Mixture of the two:
Sealed form:
A cross earring, worn on Chiara's left earlobe


Call out phrase:
aperite portas caeli et inferni
Shikai description:

A double sided katana formed from her earring when released.
Manipulation over Poison/Venom and its Antidote.
~The user can manipulate a variety of poisons and poisonous substances.
~Create, shape and manipulate poison at will
~Controlling poison molecules to make it 'solid' or gas/mist
*A twist of the handle switches the venom filling the Shikai into the antidote to the venom.*
"The user can manipulate a variety of poisons and poisonous substances. For the sake of clarity: poison, toxin and venom are terms for any substance that injures the health or destroys life when absorbed into the system: poison is the general word, toxin is a poison produced by an organism (plant, fungus, animal); it is especially used in medicine in reference to disease-causing bacterial secretions, venom is especially used of the poisons secreted by certain animals, usually injected by bite or sting."

Shikai Techniques:


Bankai name:
Miasma Eiectus
Bankai description:

A scythe with the handle being as tall as Chiara and with the curved blade being as wide as Chiara with her arms stretched out wide. The blades contains poison if Chiara wishes to as the point of the handle contains the antidote if Chiara wishes to use it.
Exude toxic gases through a creature Chiara is able to summon with the Bankai.
"Users with the ability are able to exude toxic gases at will, through skin pores or by exhalation. The user can utilize various effects on others who inhale these fumes (hyper stimulation, lethargy, coma), gas diffuses indefinitely in concentration, becoming less potent and less concentrated once it has expanded."

Bankai Techniques:

Quote :
Role-play Sample:
Chiara sat on the hill and looked down at the busy town below. Closing her eyes, she savored the sweet, cool breeze on her face, whisking her soft hair against her cheeks and the crisp smell of grass, which surrounded her. Tilting her head back, she breathed in deeply and sighed, opening her eyes to stare at the sky. It was a pretty breathtaking view from up there. She watched as the bright red that stained the sky slowly went darker and darker, blending into the deep, dark blueness of the early night sky. Unblinking, she stared, her mind empty and peaceful.

The day had been quite warm and nice today so Chiara had settled on a short sleeved hoodie with a black lace skirt, her usual weapons, strapped under. She also wore her comfortable black converse shoes. She was carrying a small black satchel, which held some sweets, her phone and a few bits and pieces of her drawing equipment. She loved to draw but she wouldn't let anyone see them, thinking they weren't good enough.

She was tired and exhausted, both physically and mentally. Emotionally... That was a totally different story but she wouldn't let anyone know. Taking out her earphones and her iPod from her pocket, she put the small blue and white ear buds into her ear and let out a sigh of relief as the music starts to play into her ears. Putting the iPod back into her pocket, she lays down backwards and gazes at the stars that had started to appear in the night sky, twinkling beautifully. She stared as her thoughts dispersed from the stars to her life and how much it had changed over the years.

She didn't remember much of her childhood, but nightmares of her parents death still haunted her, as well as the death of Will, her dear friend. This was partly why she didn't go to sleep often. It was normal for her to go at least three days without even taking five minutes of napping time. Her body had gotten used to it over the last five years but the side effects still affected her sometimes. People thought she lived on coffee or some kind of energy drink, but the fact was that she just didn't have to go to sleep. She would actually rather sleep than to drink those things people drank constantly.

Chiara closed her eyes again and immersed herself in her music, not hearing anything else. Some other humans would've found that hard to do, but thanks to her earring, she could be a normal human. Undetectable, unnoticeable. Except for her eye, which gave away that she wasn't a normal everyday human. But most days, she kept it covered with her fringe and out of people's curious eyes. Her hair also had a small part in her standing out within a crowd. She had tried to dye it before, so she wouldn't get as noticed much. However, she noticed the permanent hair dyes hardly last a week or so before they fade out and go back to the original white, silvery color.

Reaching for her satchel whilst rolling over, she lies on her front, going up slightly on her elbows to keep herself up and supported. When she opens her bag, Fii pops her head out and nuzzles her hand gently as she rummaged inside for her cellphone. When she felt the leather casing, she grabbed it and sitting up slightly, flipped the lid open and checked for any new messages. None. After checking her messages on Spirit_Net briefly, she tossed her phone back into her satchel, letting Fii climb up her arm and onto her shoulder, nestling itself comfortably. Smiling at the warmth, she reached up to take Fii down from her shoulder and onto her chest as she lied back down as her favorite music came on.

삶이 힘들어도
끝까지 포기말아
하늘이 네 곁을 지켜줄 거야
너의 발걸음이 힘겨워 소리 내어
주저앉아 한숨 지어 보지만
한번더! One more try

당당하게 하늘을 봐
이제 시작일 뿐이야
어깰 펴
네 안에 같은 네가 있어
힘들어도 포기 말아
너의 미래
일어나 손을 잡아
세상을 가져

Even if life is hard, don’t give up
the skies will protect you
Even if your footsteps are heavy and
you fall down with a groan and sigh
One more time, one more try

Confidently look at the sky,
this is only the beginning, widen your shoulders
The same you is inside if you
though it’s hard, don’t give up your future
Stand up and take my hand and have the world

As the chorus came on, Chiara closed her eyes, a single tear escaping from her tightly shut eyes and rolling down the side of her face. Laying one arm over her eyes, she sobbed quietly, lying alone on a hill at night alone, as the only one who has been by her side over the last 7 years gently licked her shaking hand with its rough tongue. She cried, unable to stop her tears as they flowed, hidden under her arm.


Awaking from her dream of scorching green eyes, Chiara sat up in the darkness, rubbing the sleep from her eyes. Looking around her surroundings, she realized she had slept for more than she normally does. Feeling around herself with her hands, she located her satchel and took her phone out to check the time. Squinting at the sudden bright light in her eyes, she read 12:03 a.m., 27th of March 2012.

"Not too late then..."

Sitting up and stretching her numb arms over her head, she yawned and stood up quickly, startling Fii who was asleep on her lap. Mumbling apologies, she picked Fii up and put it on her shoulder as she bent down to pick up her satchel, moving efficiently. Chiara walked, at a quite fast pace, towards the cemetery located just beyond the hill. Her steps slowed down a bit when the whole place came into view but taking a deep breath in, Chiara kept walking, not taking any notice of the dead that lurked around here.

Coming to a halt in front of what seemed like two ordinary tombstones, she knelt, taking out her earphones as she did so and smiled sadly, whispering,

"Hi... Mom, dad... I missed you."

Blinking the tears back, Chiara smiled widely, pulling out two white roses from her satchel, she put one on each tombstone. They were her parent's favorite type of flower. Facing the tombstones, she sat and relaxed visibly. She didn't let herself come to the cemetery. Only on this day, she would allow herself to come and see her parent's names carved into the cold marble. Hugging herself close as she stared at the engravings on the marble, she sat there, for who knows how long. It wasn't until Fii had nudged at her with its small head when she came back from her trance.

Blinking down at the little creature, her only companion, the ends of her lips twitched up slightly. Bowing her head in apology, she stood up, dusting dirt off her skirt. Stepping closer to them, she stroked the tops of the icy marbles. Taking her hands away reluctantly, she shoved them in her pockets and started to walk away into the night once more, but not before she uttered the three words, filled with immense level of pain and love.

"I love you."


Rank/level | ADV 1
Hankou | 7
Reiryoku | 7
Hakudo | 16
Seijuu | 13
Bukijuu | 16
Hoho | 16
Points awarded: 75
Total points: 75

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PostSubject: Re: Chiara V Astianatte ~ Shinigami {Finished}   Chiara V Astianatte ~ Shinigami {Finished} EmptyThu Nov 22, 2012 6:51 pm

I can approve this for ADV-1 with 75 points. Once these points are applied to stats and checked, this app will be moved to accepted.

Also, if the picture you used for appearance is of a character from another anime, manga, or game, now is the time to face claim them.

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Title : The Infamous Hash, Unlimited Potential, Black Ice
Posts : 4463
Soul Cash : 4356
Female Age : 24
Location : Barrie, Ontario

Character sheet

Chiara V Astianatte ~ Shinigami {Finished} Empty
PostSubject: Re: Chiara V Astianatte ~ Shinigami {Finished}   Chiara V Astianatte ~ Shinigami {Finished} EmptyThu Nov 22, 2012 7:41 pm

Moving this to accepted~

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Chiara V Astianatte ~ Shinigami {Finished} Empty
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Chiara V Astianatte ~ Shinigami {Finished}
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