Akashi Randgriz [Visored]

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 Akashi Randgriz [Visored]

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Akashi Randgriz [Visored]  Empty
PostSubject: Akashi Randgriz [Visored]    Akashi Randgriz [Visored]  EmptyThu Nov 29, 2012 3:59 pm

Name: Akashi Randgriz

Nickname: N/A

Age: 87 (looks 14)

Gender: Male

Weapon(s): Kido, along with his zanpakuto.

Squad: Kido Corps

Rank: Lieutenant

Personality: Akashi is rather fun-loving and easy to get along with, finding good in everything. However, his distinct gynophobia causes him to be shy and awkward around females, especially those of a higher rank than he is. Despite this, he will do anything Saria says without question, holding a massive deal of respect for his Captain. Although he very rarely shows it, the boy is a literal genius, having shown exceptional intelligence even in his short life. He refuses advancement, though. He considers himself not good enough, despite being Captain Level

Physical Appearance:
Akashi wears a long-sleeved purple top in lieu of regular Shinigami garb. Over that, a green half-jacket that only covers his upper torso with a golden emblem emblazoned into his chest. However, the golden emblem is missing a piece in the very middle, resembling a sun. He wears very loose brown pants and a brown cloak over his back resembling a cape. His eyes are bright purple, contrasting his bright blonde hair. He's roughly five feet tall, and weighs no more than 120 pounds.

Bio: Akashi was born into a rich family in northern Kyoto, having every chance to excel. He went to a public school for a short while, but bullies were incessant in berating him, mostly females, oddly enough. Because of this, Akashi began to fear people in his school and began to immerse himself in his studies, not doing anything but. However, his strict studies, although allowed him to jump grades, also brought on his head more bullying and scorn.

Eventually, a girl he liked came to him and asked him out, her getting an immediate yes from the lovesick boy. They spent time together and did normal couple things like normal lovers, except that it wasn't so. In fact, everything she learned about him was relayed back to her friends and then used to bully him even worse. Of course, he didn't know this, but the fact that he thought someone loved him made all of the bullying worth it to him, just to see her smile again, no matter how fake.

Then, on his birthday, the girl came up to him and, with an evil look on her face, began to make out with another boy around him. Akashi was devastated, unbelievably so. He couldn't believe that she had faked it the entire time. Even as the girl looked back to him with a twisted smile, he ran away with tears in his eyes.

He never quite got over that, him getting a sharp paranoia around any woman, even his own mother. Then one day the bullies decided to go one step further. Using backpack straps, they bound him on the school bus as he struggled. The bus driver had headphones on, and wasn't listening. Then one opened the back door of the bus, making Akashi cry out in fear as they tossed him out, only making them gasp as a car turned the corner and rammed into the boy as they did so.

Then he woke up calmly, in his mother's room. Initially, he shrugged away from her, only to see she was in tears and holding a picture of him... He was dead! He felt depressed all over again, wandering for a while before a Shinigami absolved him and sent him to the Rukongai.

While in the Rukongai, he still stayed to himself, studying random things here and there. He was utterly terrified to do anything involving others. Then he began to hear a voice. As it grew, they began speaking, Akashi grabbing a rock and dubbing it the source of the voice. Eventually, he learned it's name, and a staff formed in his hands, making him gasp and wave it around. That was when Kogane no Taiyō revealed himself to the boy at last. He trained with the zanpakuto spirit incessantly, never stopping or a moment. It took him a mere twenty years to attain his Shikai, catching the attention of the Academy.

However reluctant Akashi was to go back to a school, he did. His teachers were utterly astonished with how adept the boy was with Kido and using it, putting him into advanced classes there as well. After roughly another forty years, the child had his Bankai, but began to be plagued with a darkness inside of him. A headless being began trying to take his mind.

One day, he lost it and began Hollowfying in the middle of a training exercise, nearly killing people around him. It wasn't until the intervention of a certain woman that he was knocked out and subdued. When he awoke, he fully expected to be in a jail cell, but he wasn't. He was in the care of a female Captain he couldn't see. He apologized profusely, terrified beyond belief of the woman's scorn, but the woman shushed him and patted his head, reassuring him and opening a door for him. Sighing, he walked out and to the Training Grounds. He began to train himself, making sure he was able to keep the headless beast inside his mind. However, the bone ridge remained on his neck, reminding him of the one time he failed...


Name: Kogane no Taiyō (Golden Sun)

Zanpakutō spirit: His zanpakuto spirit is a floating rock with massive power. However, the only defining feature is the large eye in the middle of it. He often is called "Wise One" by Akashi.

Sealed form:
His zanpakuto is not a blade at all, but a staff. When not in use, it's mounted on his back. It's a bright red staff with a "T" intersection at the top. On top of the intersection, a red hollow circle sits, housing a crystal sun emblem.


Shikai description:His reiatsu flares as the crystal sun sinks into his chest, making his HP and PP appear above his head in small bars. The sun shines a brilliant gold and the wind picks up around Akashi, him getting ready for his Psynergy attacks.

Call out phrase: He does not call out anything to activate his Shikai. He breaks off the top of his staff and places it against his chest, the crystal sun sinking into it's spot and unleashing his reiatsu.

Ability: His Kido takes on the form of Psynergy, changing his weapon's shape, his powers, and the amount of health he has. A small HP Bar spawns above his head, depicting how much fight he has in him left. While in his Shikai, he can't take critical damage (I.E. having limbs severed, stabbed all the way through), as his Kido manipulation caused the damage to translate into minuses on the HP Bar. He also has an MP Bar which depletes as he uses Psynergy attacks and Summons, which are his most powerful compared to just weapon unleashes. To switch weapons costs 10PP.

Techniques: Sylph Rapier - This, when swung at an opponent and contact is made, it speeds up in consecutive strike to form a flurry of blows with little hesitation. [Psynergy - Flash Bolt (7PP, has chance to stun opponents for one turn.)]

Kikuichimonji - This rapier strikes hard and true, occasionally causing a samurai spirit to freeze the blade and attack for Akashi once. [Psynergy - Thunder Mine (17PP, explodes with fierce lightning that stuns opponents for one turn if touched by the mine itself, not it's explosion.)]

Ninja Blade - This blade has a chance of unleashing a quick whirlwind as Akashi strikes with it, pushing his opponent back.[Psynergy - Tornado (14PP, causes winds to whip around and interrupt the opponent's sense of balance.)]

Summon - Akashi's Shikai summon is Atalanta, a goddess with a bow. She flies around the battlefield, providing air support for Akashi for three turns with a shower of arrows. (35PP)


Bankai name: Kurai Yoake (Dark Dawn)

Bankai description: The golden sun on his chest fades into a dark blade and his reiatsu darkens. His attacks and summons are at their strongest, and perhaps most terrifying, his inner Hollow manifests as a party member.

Ability: His abilities do not change, merely grow in power. Dullahan joins his party, giving him a second attack. Third, if his summon is active. His PP doubles from it's original value, giving him more attacks to work with. Switching weapons now costs 15PP.

Techniques: Phaeton's Blade - This blade, when raised to the sky, reflects light off of it for a devastating beam attack capable of horrid burns. [Psynergy - Destruct Ray (21PP, strikes opponent with a bolt of electricity from the sky at maximum power.)]

Masamune - This blade attacks by sending a snake made of wind to strike the opponent with the vicious swell. Sometimes attacks with two. [Psynergy - Thunderhead (39PP, creates a cage of lightning around the opponent with thirty square feet of leeway.)]

Tisiphone Edge - This blade allows Dullahan to attack for him, instead of just running interference. Akashi cannot attack with this blade. (Psynergy - Spark Plasma (37PP, creates a hail of plasma bolts all over the area, stunning whoever it hits for one turn.)]

Summon - Catastrophe come to Akashi's aid, a herald of the end-times clad in black armor and black angelic wings. He is armed with a massive longsword and a golden shield. He stays for longer than Atalanta, being active for as long as Akashi's Bankai is active, but only attacks once every three turns, firing a massive beam from his shield, or sending a fierce slash of wind as Akashi's opponent. (80PP)

Inner Hollow

Name of inner hollow: Dullahan

Personality: Dullahan does not speak or move. It's only goal is the eventual takeover of the boy's mind, which sometimes, he gets close. He doesn't have much of a personality in that regard, but give him a break... He also lacks a head...

Appearance: Dullahan is a seventeen foot tall headless suit of armor, carrying a massive shield with a face on it like a demon. The armor itself looks rather demonic, being boned and spiked and coming out a blue-ish purple color. All of that, along with the lack of a head, makes for a rather terrifying creature.

Hollow mask: His Hollow mask is strange in that it's not an actual mask. Rather, it's a ring of Hollow bone around his neck that causes him to lose his head... Literally. While Hollowfied, the boy is headless, much like his inner Hollow. He can't control it at will, though... It often overtakes the boy, at which point he must be incapacitated. The Hollow bone is always around his neck, a testament to Dullahan always trying to take his mind over.

*NOTE* Akashi's HP and PP are equal to his Hankou and Reiryoku stats x10, respectively while in Shikai. In Bankai, His HP is Hankou is x21, and his PP is Rieryoku x17. *NOTE*

Role-play sample: Going for ADV -1, have MST -3

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Akashi Randgriz [Visored]  Empty
PostSubject: Re: Akashi Randgriz [Visored]    Akashi Randgriz [Visored]  EmptyFri Nov 30, 2012 9:52 pm

Approved for ADV-1

Warning: Funny/Sexual Content::

Kilik's Killionaires
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Yandere Doctor
Yandere Doctor

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Akashi Randgriz [Visored]  Empty
PostSubject: Re: Akashi Randgriz [Visored]    Akashi Randgriz [Visored]  EmptyFri Nov 30, 2012 9:56 pm

Rank/level - ADV -1
Hankou - 13 (+1 while masked)
Reiryoku - 16 (+2 while masked_
Hakudo - 10
Seijuu - 16
Bukijuu - 8
Hoho - 12
Points awarded:
Total points: 75

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Akashi Randgriz [Visored]  Empty
PostSubject: Re: Akashi Randgriz [Visored]    Akashi Randgriz [Visored]  EmptySat Dec 01, 2012 1:13 am

Moving this to accepted~

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Akashi Randgriz [Visored]  Empty
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Akashi Randgriz [Visored]
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