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Name: Akasashi
Nickname: N/A
Age: Appears to be between 18 and 21. Real age 321.
Gender: Male
Weapon(s): White Light Sabre

Personality: Akasashi is a bit unpredictable at time, it is never easy to know what it is he is thinking. He can be labeled as "Odd" or "Wierd" in the eyes of others. Mainly because he tends to saying the wierdest things at the most wrong times during a moment. He seems to favor angering others and getting a rise from them as well as push the buttons of those he knows are up tight. It is something that he finds general pleasure in, especially when things end up being umcomfortable.

This personality of his has always been a major trait. Even as a officer in the soul society. He tended to irritate those around him, as both a seated and unseated officer. Many thought he would out grow this, but he never really did. There was a point in his time as a officer were his Trolling like personality took a back seat for a more serious one. Mainly when he became a leutinent, it seems he changed after a long talk with the current captain at that time. That all seem to change after he required hollow powers through a incident where he had little control in. He was exiled for doing so, sadly. After that, he had a slight grudge towards Soul Society, a grudge that he keeps close to him. After being exiled, he shifted back into his Trolling ways. He tends to only get serious when he is engage in a serious bout.

Physical Appearance: Akasashi stands at a height of 5ft 11inches. His weight is maintained at 218lbs, giving him a slighlty, but averagely muscular build. His skin is tan of tone, complimented with light purple hair. His hair stops down to his back, and is mainly place in a low ponytail, complimented with banes mostly over the left side of his right side, and little over his right. His attire while in Soul Society consisted of the usual shinigami wear, at times with a added white sash. Once he was exiled, he shifted back to trying to live a life within the human world, while wearing a gigai. His attire in soul form now consisted of a a sleeveless black kimono top, a pair of purple hakuma pants, and black ninja shoes.

History: As a human, Akasashi growed within a orphanage. His parents, a couple of fiftheen year olds, gave him up do to their embarrasment of having a child at such a young age. They left nothing but the clothes on his back, and the basket he laid in. Growing up, Akasashi was known as the one that tended to always get into trouble. Having the tendency to cause mischeif whereever he went. Rather it was fights, arguments, or tricks made by him on others in the orphanage, mainly the adults. Because of this, he tended to get in trouble, alot. Because of his mischevious ways, he was never adopted by anyone. It was something he resented, but writed it off.

As he grew in age, he found himself maturing body wise, but he still acted like a child at times. He did not change much personality wise, he was a smart kid, but rarely ever showed it. He acted like a idiot as welll as a jerk. Rude, Odd, Wierd, and irritating were words that described him. At the age of eighteen, he was released from the orphanage, setting out into the world, it was not easy. The way he acted did not help, he tended to get humself in trouble. Falling into bad way as he made shady deals, and got under the hairs of those he shouldn't of gotten under. And because of that, he was killed.

As a spirit, he roamed the streets of his former home in solitude. It took some months before a soul reaper came to help send him off to Soul Society. While in the Rukongai District, he did what he could to live. He sometime work, and he sometime stealed. It was hard times, but he manage to survive it all. Tired of his life, he joined the Shinigami Academy. Having to show to have some skill in each class. Being best in Hakudo more than any other. He was alright in Kido, it was something where he had to train to hone. When it came to having to do paper work, he did well. Having to be quite smart, it was the first time where he fully use his inteligence. His time in the shinigami academy seem to breeze through, having to pass his finals, Akasahi went on to become a unseated officer of squad 3.

As a seated officer, he drifted back into his usual personality. Being rather loud, irritating, and annoying. He found it all to be pretty funny, he did not mind being hated. At times he seemed to ravish in the fact that he gets such a rise out of some of his fellow officers. He tended to get challenged alot into spars and bouts. He usualy came out the winner in such bouts, relying on his manipulative and taunting skills to egg them on into losing their temper. It was all ammusing and fun in the eyes of Akasashi, mainly because he loved increasing his fighting skills and getting a rise out of others. Through the years, his many fights and training seem to pay off, he raised in the ranks. Having to always be able to complete his missions and show strong skill.

It wasn't long before he became the leutinent of squad 8. As the leutinent, he seem to become more responsible, his days of mocking others seem to have come to a hault. He became much more serious, taking his job rather serious. Many times did he train and went up against his captain in spars, as well as anyone else who asked. It all seem to help in his maturity and improvement in skills. He even began to start working n his bankai, getting help from his captain at times, and also spending his time training. Some years past after becoming leutinent, he was stronger than ever, and smarter than he was before. But during one mission, he did as his captain informed. Setting out to the East of the Rukongai District. There, a hollow of great power terrorized those that lived in that area. With the dispatch group not responding, he was sent by his captain to find out what happened. Finding out they all were killed, and the hollow grew in power after that. Battling the hollow, a incident occured to where he ended up obtaining hollow powers. He was some how strong enough to overcome the hollowfication, and he fled to the human world with help from another. Now exiled, he began to adjust to life outside of SS, as well as training to increase his power and control his hollow mask.


Name: Raikiri

ZanpakutōSpirit: His zanpakuto spirit has a similar personality to Akasashi. Except Raikiri has more of a blood thirst when it comes to battling. Unlike Akasahi, Raikiri does not take the time to analyze his opponent, which is the reason why he and Akasashi may butt-heads every once and a while.

Appearance: Raikiri's appearance is that of a lightning humanoid. His body is blue of skin, and has a lightning moving effect. His eyes are pitch black, along with his mouth. His hair is spiked like that of Akasashi. His teeth are regular of appeaence, having purly whites, so to say.

Sealed Form: His zanpakuto sealed form is a regular katana blade. Its hilt is colored dark blue, the tsuba is shaped oval, and carries a gold color. The blade is about 3ft in length, the hilt is a foot in length, and the blade is placed in a dark blue sheath/scabbard.


Shikai Description: His blade shifts into that of the appearence of a lightning bolt. The blade having a bolt like edging. The tip being sharp, allowing him to generate lightning. The tsuba is shuriken shaped, the color silver. The hilt is the same color as it was before.

Call out phrase: "Tear through Lightning as a blade"

Ability: Manipulation of lightning


*Chidori Nagashi: This technique coats the blade with lightning and allows Akasashi to send out a extended bolt of lightning(15 meters). The technique is able to pierce the body of another, and with a push of power, he is able to stretch out the blade of lightning into multiple blades(five), and he is also able to move it along and tear at the ground.

*Raijū Hashiri(Beast Running Technique): With his blade, he is able to create a mass of lightning that form into hound dogs. He can create about five of the purly lightning beast and send them after his opponent. If they are able to bite down and attack the opponent. The technique sends a explosion of lightning that could paralyze
the persons body part(s).

*Raiden(Lightning Chain/Transmission): This technique sends a versatile stream of lightning, able to pierce multiple objects. The technique is able to stretch about 15 meters, and the lightning comes around and connects back to the blade, thus creating a chain of lightning, strong enough to cut through the body of a enemy, or paralyze their body momentarily.

*Chidori Senbon: This technique creates multiple lightning senbons.(20) Strong enough to stun or send the person back some distances. Able to create a light sting upon the part of the skin area it hits.


Bankai name: Kingu Raikiri

Bankai description: The blade shifts from that of a lightning bolt, into that of pure lightning. The blade allows him to shift from pure lightning to that of steel. Making him able to attack his opponents, block their attacks, and clash with their blades. The blade shifts about as sparks are able to generate around the blade. If one was pierce by the pure mass of lightning, they are able to be wounded and it could possibly mess with the nervous system of his opponents. Momentarily shifting the response that came with moving a limb. Such as, if they move their leg, their arm moves. Though it only works on two or three different body parts. If the opponent is amart enough, they could get the hang of moving, but they will have to be well versed on the body and its nervous system.(4 posts it lasts)

Ability: Manipulation of Lightning


*Chidori Nagashi: The technique increase five meters in lenght and power. In bankai, he is able to seperate the mass of pure lightning to create three thick extending blades of lightning, able to attack different enimies at the same time.

*Raiden: Instead of the lightning trailing and circling around. The blade is able to split apart and circle around to connect at the middle. Being able to shift the directions the lightning goes as the chain of lightning still occurs.

*Chidori Current: This technique allows him to attack the ground and transmit the lightning through the ground. Able to send a mass of lightning that generates and rises and attacks the person for a period of ten seconds. The lightning moves fast underneath the ground, and is able to be identified by the noise it generates before it attacks.

*Raigeki no Yoroi: This is his ultimate technique, this technique sends lightning to cover around his body. It does not effect him like it would others, it insteads increase his defense and speed. Still having his zanpakuto in its bankai form, as he was able to use hand to hand combat to a better degree. Mostly being able to send a shock everytime he hits a part of the other persons body. The main drawback is that he can not use the techniques of his combat while it is in use. And once it is done (Five Post), his bankai is released and he is only able to use his shikai.

Inner Hollow

Name of inner hollow: Kesai

Personality: Sick, sadistic, loud, overly excited, and blood thirsty. Kesai is similar to Akasashi at times. He does not care for no one but himself. He loves to fight and spread the blood of his enimies. He loathes Akasashi, and usually mock him for his actions whenever they speak to one another. Kesai for some reason, has a problem with not stopping when it comes to talking. He usually bores Akasashi to death whenever he speaks, to the point where he wants to stuff his mouth with poisen soaked cotton balls or something able to clog his mouth. Like all Hollows, Kesai has a blood thirsty type of attitude. He loves killing those he finds to be weak, annoying, powerful, etc. Basically anyone, even little kids, or pregnant women. Kesai does not care for anyones life but his own, and he will be sure to tell you if he does not like you.

Appearance: His appearence is similar to that of Kakashi. His skin is paler, instead of white, the background of his eyes are black, like all arrancars. His attire is that of a black jacket that stops at his calves, a pair of black hakuma pants, and his chest his shirtless. He has the same zanpakuto as Akasashi, and he has the same build.

Hollow mask: His hollow mask is that of a egyptian dog. Its obviously white, the markings are colored black and red. Having thick black and red scars that cross over his left and right cheeks. The mouth area shows dog like fangs clasp together. And the mask has a scar going down the right area of his eyes.

Rp Sample:

Rank/level - Adv-3
Hankou - 11
Reiryoku - 12
Hakudo - 10
Seijuu - 10
Bukijuu - 10 +2
Hoho - 12 +1

Points awarded:
Total points: 65

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God of Death

Title : Mr. Ultimate
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Approved and moved.

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